-R. Taylor
The R. Taylor Story

I’ve been building guitars for three and a half decades, and even though my factory has grown large, I’ve personally made thousands of guitars. One at a time. There is something so gripping about painstakingly making a guitar—a single guitar—and putting attention into every detail, sandpaper and chisel in hand. A luthier never tires of this.

With the resources of Taylor Guitars at my fingertips, I decided to start a new company that makes guitars in this fashion. One by one, with no detail too small. The quantity, almost by definition, is small because the talent needed to make guitars in this way is very rare and needs to be fostered in a small shop environment.

What resources, you ask? Well, after more than 30 years in business, Taylor Guitars has amassed an unimaginable supply of wood; it’s the best in the industry. The incredible craftspeople and the experience they’ve gained over the years are, in my opinion, beyond compare. Then there is the choice of the finest dealers the market has to offer. All this at my fingertips, and catalyzed by an abiding love of guitar making and fine craftsmanship. Imagine running a small guitar shop that can go next door to a place like Taylor Guitars and “borrow a cup of sugar,” free of charge.

I’d like to mention the craftsmen working hand in glove with me on this. First, there is Larry Breedlove, my nearly life-long partner in design, and our young colleague Ed Granero. The three of us make up the design wellspring. When I arrived at The American Dream guitar shop in 1973 as an 18-year-old guitar builder, I worked beside a bench already occupied by Timothy Luranc. Tim still works with me today! He has now transferred to the R. Taylor shop. Tim does all the final assembly of the guitars along with any customer repair work, and even though he finished guitars for years on end, he gets a break from that pursuit now. The gorgeous finish on the guitars is proudly applied by Josh Carter. Josh has been finishing guitars at Taylor for ten years, and having finished literally thousands of guitars, he’s at the top of his game.

Bodies and necks are made by Keith Greenwood and Eric Larson, each 10-year veterans who were literally chosen out of a selection of 300 craftspeople. These guys are good!

This is my guitar-building dream team.