After experimenting with body shape and dimension, bracing size and placement, scale lengths, bridge size and peghead design, the Style 2 was born. The body measures 15 inches wide at the lower bout (Style 1 being 16-1/4 inches), and 4-3/16 inches deep at the lower bout (compared to 4-7/16 inches for Style 1).

While Style 2 will certainly appeal to fingerstyle players, guitarists of every ilk will find inspiration in their hands. As a result of the carefully thinned back, sides and top, and the light scalloped bracing, it takes very little energy to make the entire guitar body come alive. The sound is signature R. Taylor, offering superb note definition over the entire fingerboard, exquisite sustain, and chords that bloom as a finely balanced palette of expression. Together these tonal traits translate the player’s intentions into what we all ultimately seek: musicality.

Available in short scale only (24-7/8 inches), with either a standard or slotted peghead, Style 2 is comfortable to play, but it is supremely responsive to any technique, from the most refined and delicate fingerstyle to robust flatpicking styles. Departing slightly from the Style 1 options, Style 2 features just one bracing pattern/top geometry: light, forward-shifted X bracing, with a 65-foot radius top. All of the R. Taylor nut widths and neck shapes are available on Style 2. Our Menu will give you a complete list of options and appointments.

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