The Style 3 is a body design that is close to the hearts of many players, Bob Taylor included. While the R. Taylor shop is known primarily for building “modern” guitars, this timeless design has been on our minds since we began crafting instruments.

With a respectful nod toward tradition, our luthiers have applied their experience as craftsmen and musicians to create an instrument that will captivate guitarists who crave a traditional design and tone. The Style 3 is capable of everything that vintage D-style instruments are known for, and then some. This guitar delivers all the volume, punch, projection and downright chest-rumbling low end that collectively have endeared many players to a D-style instrument.

By applying our construction techniques to this time-honored design, we have crafted an instrument that presents every single note with unprecedented clarity and volume. We’ve also kept things simple. The Style 3 features one bracing pattern (Modified X) and one top geometry (65-foot radius). No cutaway will be offered. Of course, all of our wood choices are available on the Style 3, along with a choice of nut widths, neck shapes, binding and other appointments.