Sometimes, you find a guitar, fall in love, and buy it. Other times you go on the hunt, and these days that includes the possibility of having a guitar made for you. While exciting, it’s a scary thing. Believe me, I understand.

Every R. Taylor is truly built one-at-a-time. Wood choices, necks, even top geometry and bracing are not predetermined, meaning there is no formulaic model numbering system. The choices are yours, and most are included in the base price of a Style 1, Style 2, or Style 3 R. Taylor. To get you started, we’ve listed the characteristics and appointments that make every R. Taylor unique, along with our thoughts about each one. We suspect that you know a thing or two about guitars, so we’ll skip “the basics” and get right down to how each feature shapes your unique R. Taylor playing experience. Consult the R. Taylor Menu for pricing details or contact a premiere R. Taylor dealer, who will be happy to walk you through the options.